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Mediafone offers audio services that promote the link between modernity and the perfecting of the institutional image of the client in the communication areas, using human and technological resources with creativity, innovation and personalization. 


Who are we?


Mediafone converts silence into Communication.

We offer our clients high quality personalized voice and music products and services.

In Portugal since 2002, Mediafone was the pioneer in customized phone holding and it is the leader of the market, deserving the trust of over 300 clients who care about the quality of their automatic answering service.

We count on professionals who ensure the success of the Personalized Phone Answering and Holding, Internal Radio for Background, Sounds for Web, Spots and Jingles.

In our range of broadcasters there are well-known Portuguese radio and TV voices as well as professionals from other countries, making sure that all languages are figured.

Our digital studio with notable compositors ensures the highest quality standards in all productions and an ability of immediate feedback.

We strengthen the image of your company, through a pleasant advertising/institutional solution.






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